Atelier Billiet is founded by Margot Billiet. It is located in medieval Bruges, in the historic building het oosterlingenhuis.
The studio stands for craftsmanship, both in a traditional and innovative way.
Our philosophy is one of collaboration and seeking new creative opportunities.

About Margot Billiet

Atelier Billiet is founded and managed by Margot Billiet. Her focus is on pattern, material, colour and texture.

Her aim is to arrive at a product of high quality using both traditional and innovative crafts.

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Het Oosterlingenhuis

The studio is housed in Het Oosterlingenhuis, an ancient historical building in medieval Bruges.

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Atelier Billiet BV
Margot Billiet
Oosterlingenplein 4A
8000 Brugge

+32 (0)473 851 627

BTW BE0768.654.130

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