WORKSHOP: Handprinting the Chinoiserie Wallpaper from Hof Sebrechts

Margot was asked by Erfgoedcel Brugge to devise and lead a workshop during Open Monument Day ‘23 at the historic site Hof Sebrechts in Bruges. This building dates back to the 18th century when it was build as a private mansion with garden. Late 19th century it turned into a private clinic. The house must have been lavishly decorated in the 18th and 19th century. Visible remains are the handprinted chinoiserie wallpapers and the grotesque style wallpaintings on canvas (see picture left). But also decorations from the early 20th century take us by surprise, like the imitation goldleaf papers that are in remarkable good condition.

During this workshop you get an introduction on early wallpaper and how Chinoiserie became fashionable in the 18th century. We will also discuss early printing production processes and you are invited to try them yourself, using stencils with the ornaments from the Chinoiserie domino papers.

Hof Sebrechts was recently acquired by ISTOIR. You can read all about the project on their website
Date: Saturday September 9
Time: 13:30-15:30  and from  16:00-18:0
Location: Hof Sebrechts
Info & registration: not open yet
JUNE 2023

Heritage Cel Bruges and the Central Churh Board Emmaüs launched an open call for craftspeople to upcycle low value religious textile into new objects and commanded a new wall tapestry for the Sint-Michiels church. Atelier Billiet helped with the design process for the tapestery which was then constructed and embroidered in de studio of Embroidery Belle under supervision of master embroiderer Isabelle De Groote.

The design:
The chasubes were used as a backdrop to apply the embroidered religious symbols we found on the other pieces available.
Since the colors were so bright and vivid, we agreed to bring balans by working in a fixed color scheme from dark purple on the botom, to bright whites on top. Symbolising the uplifting towards heaven.
The layout of the symbols was kept rather geometric, using decorated borders as supporting lines.

The making:
In total there are 6 wall hangings, each with the same colorscheme but differently finished. The group of volunteers working with Mrs. De Groote had inpunt in how they finished the applications, making it a personal and yet communal work of art.
The 6 wallhangings were lined for hanging by Atelier Grossé. One of the oldest embroidery studio's in Bruges.

The results can be seen in a guided visit to the church on friday june 16, 2023. The other art and crafts objects designed and produced by the Bruges makers are exhibited a second time during Open Monument Day September 2023 at Sashuis Brugge.
WORKSHOP: Heritage then and now - Pattern Design
MAY 2023

During this workshop Margot will give a brief introduction on pattern design, how it is linked to inventions, production and technology and how it has changed over the years. She will be showing you examples from her private collection. Then it is up to you to do the trick! Lisa Bracke from Erfgoedcel Brugge guides you through the making of your own pattern design.
Date: Tuesday May 23
Time: 10-12:30
Location: MaM Pop-Up (Mind- and Makerspace)
Info & registration: Avansa
LECTURE: Handmade in Brugge Heritage Day ‘Beastly Bike Tour’
MAY 2023

This years theme for Heritage Day is Beastly. But at Handmade in Brugge the theme runs over april and may. Saturday May 13 Margot Billiet gives a short lecture on her process to reconstruct a pattern from a 18th century piece of gilt leather and transform it into a contemporary digital wall covering.

Next enjoy a bike ride along the studio’s of leatherworker Dominique Vieren from Mien Kaba and textile artist Katrien Perquy.

Date: Saturday May 13
Location: Sashuis, Wijngaardplein 14, Brugge
Info & registration: Handmade in Brugge
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