LECTURE & WORKSHOP: Surface Pattern Design

Recently I was asked by Cecile De Mul, teacher at d’Academie Sint-Niklaas (B) to do a lecture for the students of Textile Art.
I talked about my profession as a surface designer for jacquard wovens and wall covering and my link to the industry. How repeats work, how patterns were painted in pré-digital times. But also, what the digital age can do (and already did) for us and how we can make use of new techniques (and old!) to make exceptional bespoke products.
We ended up with a group of nearly 50 students from different art disciplines for the lecture, with about half of them participating in the Pausing Patterns© workshop. The biggest group I ever had, so we improvised a bit and left the ‘Pausing’ behind, just going for the ‘Patterns’.

I am always so surprised and pleased when I see how people's personality and character emerge when they draw patterns. It is something that is deep inside of each of us but rarely comes to the surface. Simply because we don't take the time to do it.

The results were amazingly colorful and diverse! Thank you Cecile for inviting me and a big thank you to everybody who joined us. 

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