b.UMAMI designs and produces original and one of a kind pieces.

The initial design studio started back in 1995, focussing on B2B textile design for jacquard woven fabrics. Since then founder Margot Billiet took on several international collaborations in many fields, always eager to learn new techniques and discover new materials. This reflects in her own label she represents today.
With a focus on material, colour and texture, our in-house brand b.UMAMI offers a sophisticated selection of exceptional, often hand finished wallcoverings and (digital) printed textiles for interior and fashion.

A visit to Atelier Billiet will enlighten you with the endless possibilities. To start, explore the capsule collection product samples in the studio. From there, if you want something more personal, describe whatever you desire (a color, a place, a mood, a material, a print,…).
Margot will listen, learn and create a new product, especially for you!

Be a tastemaker, b.UMAMI!

Please contact us on
+32 (0)473 851 627
(Atelier Billiet)
or send us an e-mail at margot@atelierbilliet.be

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Atelier Billiet BV
Margot Billiet
Oosterlingenplein 4A
8000 Brugge


+32 (0)473 851 627

BTW BE0768.654.130

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