Atelier Billiet provides historically correct documentation about the use of colour, motifs and raw materials.  
On addition, we re-draw any design according to historic information. If desired, we also supply the appropriate textiles or wallcoverings.
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Reconstruction of disappeared motifs

We can also draw up reconstructions of half-disappeared motifs discovered on walls or the completion of patterns on remnants of wallpaper and textiles.
This can have an educational end goal, such as an exhibition, or serves as a visual simulation to better evaluate the end results of a (renovation) project.

Design Process

For Historic Reconstruction, studies and sketches are made on paper and completed into a final design drawing.

This drawing is either painted in gouache or is supplied in digital format. It serves as a base (guideline) for reconstruction or historical reproduction such as the re-weaving of historical carpets or curtains in the restoration of buildings.
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Atelier Billiet BV
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+32 (0)473 851 627

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